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A New Approach to Pet Identification

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If you have an API key, you can mint NFT pet records using our API.

Send a POST request with the API Key, Pet Name, Contact Info, and Photo URL:

Parameters to include:

  • apiKey
  • petName
  • contactInfo
  • photoUrl
  • firstName (of Owner)
  • lastName (of Owner)
  • email (of Owner)

You will receive a JSON response with the following:

  • ownerId - An internal owner ID used by PetProof
  • petName - The name of the pet.
  • xrplTxId - The transaction ID on the ledger.
  • petProofId - An internal ID used by PetProof.
Check out our brochure here: PetProof PDF Brochure
XRP is a cryptocurrency and the native token used by Ripple. Like other cryptocurrencies in the marketplace, XRP has a currency code similar to Ethereum’s Ether (ETH). It is used to pay the small registration fee required to register your pet.
Learn more here:
Xumm is a non custodial client (wallet) for the XRP Ledger, with superpowers. Xumm allows you to interact with the XRP Ledger and 3rd party tools while keeping your keys super safe.
Learn more here:
You can send us an email at and we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you!